PT Surya Tata Alam Raya is a fully-automated mortar factory. The entire production process utilizes high-tech machines for screening, mixing, and packaging.

The technology and Quality Control (QC) implemented is aimed to ensure the quality and consistency of the products

Philosophy of STAR MORTAR


Using the finest selected raw materials with high quality


Production process with high technology (fully automated) for the best production results


Large production capacity to ensure stock availability and timely delivery


Committed and responsible in ensuring the quality of product outcomes, after-sales service, and also environmentally friendly

Company History

Legalitas & Peletakan Batu Pertama
Legalitas & Peletakan Batu Pertama
The factory has been completed and is legally established under the name PT Surya Tata Alam Raya, with its product named STAR Mortar.
The factory begins its initial production with its champion product, Mortar Cement SM830 (skim coat for concrete & plaster wall), with a warranty of hairline crack-free* for its skim coat product.
The rebranding of STAR MORTAR to be closer and beneficial for the younger generation of Indonesia.


To contribute in building our nation and country, Indonesia, by producing high-quality building materials.


  • Creating innovative and high-quality building materials as the preferred choice.

  • Becoming a trusted company for customers.

  • Fostering employees as one family within the company.



We are committed to being the best. We will be a strong, reliable, and responsible company.


We collaborate as one team. We will appreciate each other and trust in working together as a team to achieve goals, both for individuals and for the company.


We will not stop innovating and continue to develop our products to be the best for our customers.


Customer Satisfaction

Satisfying and earning the trust of our customers is our goal.

Deliver Top-Notch Products

Committed to delivering the best and high-quality products in the construction industry.

Good Working Environment

Ensuring the team can work and collaborate effectively by creating a conducive environment to produce the best products and services.

8 Core Values

Positive and productive collaboration as an effort to assist, support, complement , correct each other, and at the same time enjoy the results mutually benefit for the team.

The creation of harmony, coordination, and compatibility among workers without displaying hierarchical positions, resulting in harmonious and peaceful relationships among employees.

Positioning everything in its proper place and time

A willingness arising from conscious awareness to accept, carry out, and manage tasks, authority, and trust. And at the same time, bearing the risks and consequences of the assigned tasks, the use of authority, and maintaining the trust given to them.

Possessing high imagination and creativity to consistently generate positive ideas that are more effective and efficient in improving productivity and the quality of work outcomes.

Loyalty and a strong sense of ownership as a form of devotion and collective sustainability.

Having a spirit of involvement to consistently provide contributions in accordance with one's responsibilities as a form of positive collaboration for improvement, progress, and the achievement of common goals.

Continuously nurturing the spirit of dedication, service, and devotion, fostering positive emotional connections to consistently improve, provide assistance, and help achieve meaningful work without demeaning oneself or others.

*) Terms & Conditions

  1. Usage in normal air temperature and humidity
  2. Cracks occurred are not from structural cracks
  3. Usage in accordance with the instructions